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Welcome to kapoano.com - kapoano.com

Welcome to kapoano.com

Welcome to kapoano.com, my online home. I hope to be updating it regularly with my thoughts, both professional and personal, as a way to transcend whatever I’m doing to put food on the table.

My life has taken a lot of twists and turns over the years…so I thought it would be nice to have a public repository for my ideas, opinions and anything else I come up.

For example, in my life I have done the following:

  • Voluntarily rebooting my career, ending a 10 year run at the company where I started at the age of 17.
  • Returned to college after a five year hiatus to finish my degree, 11 years after starting it.
  • Traveled to 35 different states, 19 countries and more cities and towns than I can count.
  • Helped a not-for-profit startup get their feet off the ground, developed a sales team (increasing revenues by over a million dollars) for an internet marketing company and ran a local Jewish Federation’s film festival – the most successful one it ever had (increased attendance by 20%, increased revenue by 98% year-over-year).
  • Taken over 10,000 photographs of amazing scenery on four different continents.
  • Launched the most successful pro-Israel viral social media campaign ever up to that point.
  • Met, fell in love with and got engaged to the most amazing person I have ever met.
  • Launched my own digital media company (website still in development).

And that’s just in ┬áthe last four years. The point here is that it’s hard for me to categorize myself as any one thing…with so many different interests and experience…I need a place to bring them all together. Especially as I will be looking to start a family in the near future, I expect this site to evolve from being just something I use to express myself and turn into a place that my future wife and children (and any Kapoano for that matter) can call their online home.

So who knows what’s next? I certainly don’t, although I certainly have a plan. If the last four years have taught me anything it’s that the best laid plans of mice and men…well you know the rest.

I hope you enjoy what I write, what I create and what I share with you.

But most of all – I hope you enjoy the ride – I certainly have.

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