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Anti-Israel confrontation has come to your town, what now?

There is a battle brewing in Highland Park, NJ due to the fact that an anti-Israel author wants to do a book reading of a book called “P for Palestine.” 

With regards to this book, I want to be clear that I think it’s lame and stupid and full of misinformation. I think it’s disgusting to glorify “Intifada” or “Miftah” (the misguided notion that Palestinians have a “Right of Return” to places like Jaffa and Haifa and so on) and to pretend that this is about anything other than getting rid of the state of Israel, whether via violence or non-violence. It’s clear to everyone with even tangential knowledge of the Middle East what “Palestinian nationalism” is really about.

Still with me? Now for the unpopular position. I think we should mostly leave this alone.

One of the first things they teach you in activism school (READ: AIPAC/hasbara/<insert your cause’s group here>) is that when planning an event you need to ask yourself:

What the goal of this event?

Jewish Voice for Peace, also disgusting though they are, knows what their goal is. Their goal is to generate publicity for their organization, raise money off of it, and then use that money to keep spreading their BS message. They don’t care about “indoctrinating” some kids in Highland Park. They don’t care about Rutgers. They don’t care about ANY of that. All they care about is raising money for their cause.

So they plan these intentionally offensive events – INTENTIONALY in communities or places with high concentrations of Jews and Zionists. They NEED the confrontation. They WANT this. It is LITERALLY how they raise money and continue to operate/expand. Every time there is an article about one of their events – they make money. NJ.com article? Money. Haaretz.com article? Money. Times of Israel? Money. Money. Money. Every time you share a link to their event, you are spreading their message and making them money.

This culture war/outrage industry is not new. It applies to many topics, where the goal is to do things that are INTENTIONALLY confrontational because they rely on people being ANGRY and spreading their message (which helps search engine optimization, but that’s just the marketing guy in me talking). Then they get to act horrified and talk about hate and white supremacy and blah blah blah which generates MORE outrage and MORE coverage and MORE MONEY.

Now ask yourself – what is our goal?

What do we want to accomplish with a protest? Stop the book reading? Ban the book from the library? How does a protest (which is EXACTLY what they want) accomplish those goals? And even if you achieved those goals, what did you ACTUALLY get accomplished? Sheltering our kids from offensive books? Making the Highland Park library a safe space? This is far from the most offensive book that’s out there (and it’s actually been out there since 1990!) – that may even be at the library right now! And even if we accomplished getting rid of ALL of the offensive books…if your kids have any access to the internet, they have instant access to endless streams of horrible propaganda and fake blood libels about Israel.

But the more important issue – by far – is if doing this going to achieve any net positives for us. Remember a large, loud, unruly protest that devolves into a confrontation is exactly what these people want. And no matter how civilized you try to be, no matter how prepared you think you will be, what happens WHEN (not if!) someone on the other side starts saying something about ethnic cleansing and apartheid and genocide and all the other garbage they spew. Are you sure you would be disciplined enough to just stand there and not get into a heated argument? What about the other 100 people? 200?

I saw in another group that people want to hand out fliers that have images of KKK members and cross burnings. That is nuts! Forget about whether it’s an accurate depiction of who is going to be at this library event but even if it IS, how do you expect someone on the other side to just accept being called a KKK member or a terrorist? All it takes is one person snapping on one side and another person snapping on the other side and a “peaceful protest” turns into an insta-riot.

And again – even in the BEST CASE SCENARIO, it’s like literally the greatest dream of these JVP people – to have on one side a bunch of young minorities who just want to read their stinking Israel-hating book in peace (free speech! Oppression! Blah blah!), and on the other side a group of local “white” Jews yelling and screaming and infringing on their fantasy land. You will be front and center in every single fundraising email these idiots send out for the rest of the fiscal year.

I’ll close this by relating a story from my Rutgers activism days, of which some people in this very group participated in.

During the 2010-2011 school year, we had a massive amount of anti-Israel events. I’ll just highlight three of them (out of literally a dozen) and our responses to each and how we learned the hard way how these people operate.

  1. A group called Never Again For Anyone had an event at Rutgers with Holocaust survivors who basically said that Gaza was a concentration camp. Highly offensive. A group of students (mostly from Hillel) decided they wanted to stage a silent walkout, which would both communicate our disapproval with the event – but also not antagonize the Holocaust survivors themselves. Well, the overall community caught wind of it, and decided to show up. There were hundreds of people there protesting outside, it was loud, it was tense, there were arguments and it was only by the grace of God that no one took a swing at someone. The event got press, and millions of people who had never heard of this group got to read about an event featuring Holocaust survivors saying Israel was committing genocide. Oh and that the local Jewish community tried to “silence.”
  2. During “Israel Apartheid Week” the anti-Israel organizations at Rutgers decided to set up a table and “apartheid wall” to hand out anti-Israel propaganda. Inside of direct confrontation, this time we just set up our own table next to them and handed out Israeli chocolates and a big giant blue/white cake (plus some of card with our own propaganda on it). 90% of the foot traffic came to our side because, you know, cake and chocolates > angry keffiyahs. Most people didn’t even know what the purpose of their exhibit was. Were they pro-Israel? Anti-Israel? Some kind of “both sides” situation? At one point they even came over to our side and we gave them ISRAELI CHOCOLATE WHICH THEY ATE. Their entire operation was completely and utterly defused.
  3. Towards the end of the semester, awful, terrible, no-good Israel hater, and BDS proponent, Marwan Barghouti showed up to campus. We did………..nothing. Noting that the event had bad timing and was in part of the campus that no one went to, we just let it be. A few pro-Israel and Hillel people went there just to see what it was about. MAYBE a couple dozen people showed up, half of which were our people. Total dud.

My point is there are other paths than direct confrontation. If you want my recommendation, have a few people go to the meeting, but instead of banning the book reading, offer to ATTEND the book reading to “learn from the other side” IF (and this is a BIG IF) THEY agree to participate in an event where someone reads passages from “The Jewish State” by Herzl. They will NEVER agree to this NEVER. Not in 100 million years. But you will have successfully positioned yourselves as being open to dialogue and THEM as the extremists.

Finally remember that it’s NEVER about changing the minds of the Israel haters – that’s never going to happen. It isn’t about what we think or what they think. It’s about what EVERYONE WATCHING BOTH OF US thinks.

Our goal should be to defuse the situation, not to enflame it. And you don’t fight fire with FIRE, you fight fire with WATER.

That’s it, I’ve said my piece. Now, flame on.

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Welcoming the newest member of the Kapoano family

Just about 10 days ago, my wife Ariel and I welcomed our our first born son! And just this past Wednesday we had his bris, where he was officially welcomed into the Jewish people and was given his full name.



Jacob Ezra Yisrael Chaim Kapoano

People who know me, know how important names are to me. My very unique first and last names (I’m pretty sure I’m only “Liran Kapoano” on the planet) have meant that talking about and explaining them have become a part of my character and personality. The rather tragic history of my family and the rest of the Jews of Thessaloniki, Greece means that continuing that heritage through future generations is extremely important to me.

To that end, I thought I would just take a moment to post about this huge milestone in our family’s history. As my father’s first grandson, Jacob is one of only a few people on Earth who can continue both our bloodline and name. In fact, he is the only one in America at all.

Being that he represents so much for our family, we took great care in naming him after people from both Ariel and my side of the family who we hope he takes after and emulates their best qualities. Here are my notes from the speech I gave at his Brit Milah this week. I’m posting them on here so ensure that someday I can sit down with Jacob and share with him the story of all of his names.



Namesakes: Jerry Mack (Ariel’s maternal grandfather), Jack Bucher (Ariel’s paternal grandfather), Jana Kapoano (Liran’s paternal grandmother)

The biblical Jacob was the father of the 12 Hebrew tribes. Known as a learned man who would spend his time studying in his tent. In addition to being book smart though, he was also street smart with ensuring he received his birthright instead of his awful brother Esau by making the greatest deal in history, trading him lentil stew for the birthright of the Jewish people. It’s a really cool story that I look forward to telling Jacob someday when he’s old enough to understand



Namesakes: Emmett (Ariel’s uncle Dennis’s middle name), Elimelech (Liran’s maternal grandfather)

Hebrew word for “help” – we hope that our son will always look to help those in need and do good for himself, his family, his friends and everyone he encounters.



His last name of course is Kapoano, a family name that has survived for (at least) hundreds of years. Much like the story of the rest of the Jews, our ancestors were driven out of Judea by the Romans, where they eventually reached Italy where they took on the name Capuano, as they lived in the city of Capua. Ultimately our family ended up in Greece, where they joined the Jewish community of Thessaloniki until the Germans destroyed it. But the Kapoanos survived and now with Jacob, we will endure.



Namesakes: Yitzchak (Liran’s paternal grandfather), Yosef (Jerry Mack’s Hebrew name), Ya’akov (Jack Bucher’s Hebrew name), Yisruly (Ruly – Liran’s father)

In addition to being the name of our ancient homeland of Israel, which is what brought Ariel and I together in the first place, this is also an alternate name for Jacob, which he was given after he fought an angel of God to a stalemate. In this we hope our son has the knowledge and wisdom of Jacob, as well as the strength and bravery of Yisrael.



Namesakes: Chaim (Liran’s uncle/Ruly’s brother), Chai for the year (18)

Uncle Chaim was a great guy, who was always there for his little brother. Chaim had a lot of the street smarts we hope Jacob has and was blessed with an amazing sense of humor. In Judaism, the number 18 corresponds to the word “Chai” which means life. It’s also traditionally associated with good luck.  Since Jacob was born in a year which has the number 18 in it we hope he will bring us and everyone luck, happiness and that he will be full of life!

If we could choose one attribute from each of Jacob’s namesakes that we hope he is able to exemplify, this is what we would choose:

Jerry – selflessness

Jack – generosity

Jana/Yitzchak – survivor/fighter

Emmett – independence

Elimelech – humble

Chaim – sense of humor


And that’s that! Welcome to the family Jacob Ezra, we are already completely smitten by you!

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#NeverTrump: A (desperate?) plea to my Democratic friends and family

Dear Friends,

As you know by now, Donald Trump’s threats to “Make America Great Again” have shockingly, stunningly come close to hypnotizing enough of the Republican Party into making him the Party’s nominee. Excuse me for a moment while I throw up after having typed that sentence.

I know you and I don’t see eye to eye on every issue. Although why you refuse to accept that we found WMD’s in Iraq and insist on wanting to pay higher taxes is beyond me!!!! But this isn’t the time for partisanship, it’s a time for unity. Unity against one thing we can both agree on. The disgusting, nauseating, repugnant, vile, bile-inducing prospect that of the last two people standing in the race for president, one of them will be the truly loathsome Donald Trump. That’s right, I’m asking you to swallow your pride and your disgust and vote in the Republican primaries AGAINST TRUMP.

Join or Die

Now I know what you’re thinking, Democratic voter. You’re saying to yourself “having Trump as the nominee would be GREAT! Hillary will crush him in a general election! He’s a clown, a farce, a con man. She has well thought out policy positions and all he has are ‘lines around the states’ and empty slogans.”

Oh to still be as naive and innocent as you. I remember the good old days in the wistful, idyllic yesteryear of 2015 when this contemptible, fraudulent, malodorous, beastly, prurient slime was ridiculed by people in my party as a “political side show” who would crumble as soon as the real voting began. “Ha ha,” we foolishly thought to ourselves, “no sane individual could ever vote for someone who expects Mexico to build a wall for us, or who claims he’s against illegal immigrants despite hiring illegal immigrants himself, or who claims he’s against political correctness despite making a career of suing people for using words (I MEAN THIS GUY TRIED TO TRADEMARK THE PHRASE “YOU’RE FIRED!!!” FOR GOD’S SAKE), or had to declare bankruptcy four times despite claiming to be a fiscal conservative, or ran a literal scam school, or…” and by the time our brains had finished processing just what a brutal, racist, horrid, revolting man Trump is, he had already won 3 out 4 of the first states.

My point? Do not underestimate the capacity for people, even otherwise smart people, to be swept up by a candidate offering empty promises and running on slogans. After all, didn’t you vote for Obama? Ha ha, ok sorry that was a cheap shot. But seriously, every time this guy is written off as being non-serious, he wins another state.

What we have right here is nothing short of a national emergency. And what we need right now is a plan. We need to put our differences aside and unite to take him down BEFORE he wins the nomination. You cannot simply rely on the idea that Hillary will appeal to the better nature of humanity during the general election. It didn’t work for Christie, or Jeb! or any of the rest.

And what’s worse is that Hillary has a TON of baggage. Any minute now another email will pop up showing that she somehow is personally responsible for the continuing strife in the Middle East. Or maybe we’ll find out that Russian hackers used her email servers to sign up for 1,000 new online betting accounts. Or maybe she was somehow behind the fact that no black people were nominated at the Oscars this year. You just never know what to expect with this woman!

Seriously though, if the words Whitewater, Benghazi, Blumenthal, Wall Street Speeches, Clinton Foundation, Paula Jones or Juanita Broderick mean anything to you…then it’s time to be concerned. And look, I know “you’re with her” and all that – I’m not trying to bash your favorite candidate. I’m just saying that even if you don’t believe that the Trump Train is barreling down the tracks of the Northeast Corridor straight into Union Station, you have to admit to yourself that there is ALWAYS a chance (and you can be sure that Trump is paying a lot of people already to look this up) for an October surprise of epic proportions.

And then what happens? Write-in campaign? Rely on the Electoral College to save us? Hope is not a strategy folks. We cannot afford even the POSSIBILITY that this orange cretin can so much as sniff the White House.

What I’m saying is that on the heels of Hillary’s smashing victory in South Carolina, she doesn’t really need you right now. And that’s doubly true based on how the next three Tuesdays look to be shaping up. Frankly, with the way your corrupt system of “Super Delegates” works, even when she loses she STILL wins!

So by the time you’re voting in New York, New Jersey, California and dozens of other states, #FeelTheBern will seem about as relevant as #Jeb! or #BelieveAgain or #FreshIdeasForAmerica. How many of you even know what those hashtags are even referencing at this point?

YOU CAN STILL PLAY A VITAL ROLE THOUGH. Huge, delegate-rich states like Pennsylvania and California don’t have their deadlines for primary registration until late March. For others, the deadlines aren’t until May! And for others still, like Indiana (voting on May 3rd) you don’t even need to change your party to vote in the Republican primary. Let’s be honest friends, if Hillary doesn’t have this locked up by May 3rd, she doesn’t deserve to be your candidate anymore anyway.

You can get into the Republican primary, pick whichever still-standing candidate you find to be the least offensive, cast your vote and switch back to your preferred party anytime you want! Personally I’d rather you vote for Rubio, since he has the best chance of challenging Trump in a contested election. And I assure you that your vote will matter, because at this point I think it’s pretty clear that Rubio is going ride this election out until the bitter end.

We may not be able to stop Trump from winning the MOST delegates, but if Rubio really does go the distance, we might just block him from getting a majority. At that point, it’s anybody’s guess who becomes the nominee. Maybe Rubio. Maybe Kasich! Hey that wouldn’t be so bad for you guys, right? RIGHT???

I know I’m asking a lot. I know it’s a hard, bitter pill for you to swallow. But these are truly desperate times. If I can’t stand Trump’s disgusting, nativist, snarling, anti-Muslim, borderline pro-KKK hysterics (and I’m a Republican!), what must that do to you? Forget even about whether he can win in a general election, do you really want to endure the spectacle of this horror show standing on the debate stage with Hillary, making his obnoxious faces and exuding his odoriferous “policy positions” for the entire world to see?

And all the while knowing that he’s just one scandal away from having access to our nation’s nuclear launch codes.
Tell me you aren’t even more frightened than I am right now.

So I ask you again, I IMPLORE YOU AGAIN, do the right thing for your country. Join me in declaring #NeverTrump and VOTE IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. This has already been the strangest election we’ve ever had, let’s not let it become the WORST election we’ve ever had.

Then, once this nightmare is behind us, we can go back to fighting it out in the general election like we always have.


Your Republican Friend

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Dog VS Shark – the Battle for Tahiti (Video)

Ok well, maybe not SO melodramatic. But while on our honeymoon in Tahiti, Ariel (the newest member of the Kapoano clan) and I watched this riveting event take place several times. Finally I decided to video it, because it is AWESOME.

Here’s the backstory.

French Polynesia is made of of hundreds (thousands?) of islands and tiny islets. One these islands, Rangiroa, is world renown for its scuba diving and snorkeling.



We headed there for a different reason though.

Being that it was the tail end of our 10 day honeymoon in Tahiti, we really wanted to experience something that was a little more “authentic” and representative of French Polynesian culture than overwater bungalows and $250 dinners. So we signed up for three nights at the Kia Ora Sauvage, an experience about as far from the Four Seasons, Hilton or Le Meridien as you can imagine.

Welcome to the "Sauvage"

Welcome to the Sauvage.

Simply put, it was described to us as a “Robinson Crusoe” experience. Essentially, it was three nights in a wooden hut with no electricity, no internet, no air conditioning, no screens on the windows…hell no WINDOWS on the windows. To get there, we had to take a 90 minute boat ride from the “main” island. I mean this place was REMOTE. There are only five bungalows on the island and a few staff members. In fact the first night we stayed there, we were entirely alone with the staff. We had our own private island for a day.

Not too bad, huh?

Not too bad, huh?

The world could literally destroy itself around us and we would never know the difference. As it was, the horrifying November/2015 terrorist attacks in France occurred while we were there and we literally had no idea until after we got off the island.

We were, however blissfully unaware and that experience of being completely disconnected from news, email, Twitter, Facebook and the perpetual crush of our electronic daily lives was truly remarkable. We spent our days exploring lagoons and palm tree forests on uninhabited islands, surrounded by fossilized coral. Our host, Michel, described the place as the “end of the world” and our surroundings and isolation sure made it seem that way.

Being surrounded by fossilized coral was truly like being on another planet.

Being surrounded by fossilized coral was really like being on another planet.

"The end of the world"

“The end of the world”

For breakfast, lunch and dinner we were invited into the main hut where we had our meals specially prepared for us by the staff. They even accommodated my “dietary needs” and served us no meat or shellfish the whole time we were there. You’d think having Mahi Mahi twice a day everyday would get repetitive…it didn’t. Also making things interesting was spending time with the staff, which consisted of Michel, his wife a few other workers. Speaking with him about his life and Polynesian society was eye-opening in a way that chatting with the nameless staff at the big hotels (who were mostly French) could never be.

Our host, Michel who kept referring to himself and the island as "sauvage"

Our host, Michel who kept referring to himself and the island as “sauvage.”

We also spent a lot of time with Bella, the local dog, who accompanied us on our walks around the island and stood guard against the terrifying (not really) hermit crabs and chameleons that came alive at night. She also had a fascinating habit of growling at and then chasing sharks around the shallow water that surrounded the tiny island. It might seem ominous to be hanging out on an island surrounded by sharks, over 90 minutes by boat from the nearest semblance of civilization, but we had just gone swimming with sharks just like this – and much larger – on Bora Bora a few days earlier.

Bella the dog stands guard against sharks

Bella the dog stands guard against sharks.

So it was just entertaining to sit back and watch the local dog do her thing and torture these sharks.

After all, what else is there to do on a desert island for three days?

True isolation in a tropical paradise

True isolation in a tropical paradise.

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The most insensitive picture ever?

I think I found it.

Check out what happens if you type most insensitive picture ever as a Google search.

Pretty amazing huh? Search Engine Optimization is an amazing thing…

Here’s the source for the link if you want to see the actual picture which I’d rather not pollute my own site with:


We got that up in just 24 hours. Email me if you want to know how.

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Hatred by any other name

Today at my old alma mater Rutgers, a time-honored college tradition was observed.

No, I’m not talking about gearing up for finals, or the excitement that comes from winning a big game in a new division (well, maybe not at Rutgers), or even the open and civil exchange of new ideas that shape the thinking of our future leaders.

I’m referring to continual, perpetual, trite hatred of Jews and Israel. You see, while the Rutgers Hillel and the AEPi fraternity was handing out information with facts about Israel, denouncing terror and hatred and attempting to have a civil conversation about the facts, the local chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (or International Solidarity Movement or whatever they are calling themselves these days) were staging a “Die-In” at the same time.

What exactly is this event supposed to accomplish? How is this supposed to bring a just and peaceful solution to a very difficult conflict? Who, precisely, is going to benefit from more hatred, more empty slogans, more propaganda and more bullying? How do these students even think that they are furthering their own goals?

For all the nonsensical half-truths, propaganda and outright lies about Israel that they parrot during their events, why not also take aim at the fact that Hamas, in the midst of firing thousands of rockets at Israeli women and children, also dropped 475 rockets on Palestinians. Shouldn’t this also be the subject of an event from a group that purports to care about Palestinians? Even if we grant their premise that they are simply “people of conscious” (sic) who “cannot and should not stand by and watch Israel conduct its heinous crimes” – why aren’t they concerned with the actual heinous crimes of Hamas, or ISIS, or Iran?

During “Palestinian Awareness Week” there are precisely…zero events dedicated to the suffering of Palestinians in Syria, where they are regularly slaughtered. There is no discussion of the very real discrimination Palestinians face in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere where there are actual laws preventing their integration into mainstream society. I see no events about the harsh military campaign Egypt has undertaken to demolish hundreds of homes along its border with Gaza.

These are all examples of specific Palestinian suffering, to say nothing of the nightmare of daily life in the Middle East (in every country not named Israel) for Yazidis, Kurds, Ba’Hai, Jews, Christians and many Muslims. None of these things matter to these “human rights” and “peace” advocates? Do they not know about them? If so, perhaps they should surrender the mantle of “Pro-Palestinian activist” to people like me who actually care about the topic and aren’t treating this situation as a “fun-filled” week of activities.

“Palestinian Awareness Week” and “Israeli Apartheid Week” and every other name these groups have come up with over the past 15 years is nothing more than a marketing ploy designed to cover up the real goal of these events. That is hatred of Israel and of Jews.

Lest you think this is about Rutgers or that this situation is in any way unique, it’s not new nor is it limited to Rutgers.

When I was a student at Rutgers, the pro-Israel activists reached out to our counterparts across the aisle in an attempt to calm tensions and work on an event that would spark dialogue between both sides. We wanted to bring in two representatives from an organization called One Voice for Peace. This group has speakers from both sides of the conflict who share their personal stories about how they have suffered as result of the fighting. The “pro-Palestinians” were not interested however. They refused to co-sponsor a civil event with their enemies, preferring instead to stage obnoxious events like today’s die-in or storming Hillel events featuring Israeli Arab speakers. And you thought that acrimony in Washington was bad.

This behavior goes back to at least the nasty days of the 2nd Intifada, when the college campus virtually burned as the fires of terror literally burned in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Netanya and nearly every other Israeli city. When the great refusenik Natan Sharansky came to Rutgers in 2003, a “pro-Palestinian” threw a pie at him. In fact, the hostile environment at Rutgers has been prevalent for so long that the Zionist Organization of America’s Center for Law and Justice expended considerable efforts to bring a complaint under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act against the University.

And Rutgers is actually quite tame by comparison with colleges like Emory and Temple being home to acts of violence or vandalism against Jewish students.

How sad we are that we have to look at acts of violence and say “well at least it’s not that bad.”

This is not advocacy, this is simply hatred by a different name.

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Welcome to kapoano.com

Welcome to kapoano.com, my online home. I hope to be updating it regularly with my thoughts, both professional and personal, as a way to transcend whatever I’m doing to put food on the table.

My life has taken a lot of twists and turns over the years…so I thought it would be nice to have a public repository for my ideas, opinions and anything else I come up.

For example, in my life I have done the following:

  • Voluntarily rebooting my career, ending a 10 year run at the company where I started at the age of 17.
  • Returned to college after a five year hiatus to finish my degree, 11 years after starting it.
  • Traveled to 35 different states, 19 countries and more cities and towns than I can count.
  • Helped a not-for-profit startup get their feet off the ground, developed a sales team (increasing revenues by over a million dollars) for an internet marketing company and ran a local Jewish Federation’s film festival – the most successful one it ever had (increased attendance by 20%, increased revenue by 98% year-over-year).
  • Taken over 10,000 photographs of amazing scenery on four different continents.
  • Launched the most successful pro-Israel viral social media campaign ever up to that point.
  • Met, fell in love with and got engaged to the most amazing person I have ever met.
  • Launched my own digital media company (website still in development).

And that’s just in  the last four years. The point here is that it’s hard for me to categorize myself as any one thing…with so many different interests and experience…I need a place to bring them all together. Especially as I will be looking to start a family in the near future, I expect this site to evolve from being just something I use to express myself and turn into a place that my future wife and children (and any Kapoano for that matter) can call their online home.

So who knows what’s next? I certainly don’t, although I certainly have a plan. If the last four years have taught me anything it’s that the best laid plans of mice and men…well you know the rest.

I hope you enjoy what I write, what I create and what I share with you.

But most of all – I hope you enjoy the ride – I certainly have.

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