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Anti-Israel confrontation has come to your town, what now?

There is a battle brewing in Highland Park, NJ due to the fact that an anti-Israel author wants to do a book reading of a book called “P for Palestine.”  With regards to this book, I want to be clear

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Welcoming the newest member of the Kapoano family

Just about 10 days ago, my wife Ariel and I welcomed our our first born son! And just this past Wednesday we had his bris, where he was officially welcomed into the Jewish people and was given his full name.

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#NeverTrump: A (desperate?) plea to my Democratic friends and family

Dear Friends, As you know by now, Donald Trump’s threats to “Make America Great Again” have shockingly, stunningly come close to hypnotizing enough of the Republican Party into making him the Party’s nominee. Excuse me for a moment while I

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Dog VS Shark – the Battle for Tahiti (Video)

Ok well, maybe not SO melodramatic. But while on our honeymoon in Tahiti, Ariel (the newest member of the Kapoano clan) and I watched this riveting event take place several times. Finally I decided to video it, because it is

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The most insensitive picture ever?

I think I found it. Check out what happens if you type most insensitive picture ever as a Google search. Pretty amazing huh? Search Engine Optimization is an amazing thing… Here’s the source for the link if you want to

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Hatred by any other name

Today at my old alma mater Rutgers, a time-honored college tradition was observed. No, I’m not talking about gearing up for finals, or the excitement that comes from winning a big game in a new division (well, maybe not at

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Welcome to kapoano.com

Welcome to kapoano.com, my online home. I hope to be updating it regularly with my thoughts, both professional and personal, as a way to transcend whatever I’m doing to put food on the table. My life has taken a lot

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