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About - kapoano.com


Welcome to kapoano.com, the online home of Liran Kapoano.

I hope to be updating it occasionally with my thoughts, both professional and personal, as a way to transcend whatever I’m doing to put food on the table.

Feel free to stick around, check out some of my photography, read my thoughts and if you’re interested in my professional services, let me know.

A note about my last name and the Kapoanos in general.

My last name Kapoano is derived from the rather common Italian name Capuano. Many centuries ago, my ancestors ended up in the town of Capua, Italy either as a result of the Spanish Inquisition, Roman expulsion or some other (surely delightful) event in Jewish history, where they took the name of the town as was the accepted practice in those days.

Sometime in the 1700’s much of the Jewish community of southern Italy emigrated to Thessaloniki, Greece where it remained until World War II. After the Nazis overran Greece, what remained of the Jewish population that survived the gas chambers either emigrated to the United States, Israel and France.

Over 98% of the nearly 60,000 Jews of Thessaloniki burned in the fires of the Holocaust, including nearly every member of my grandmother and grandfather’s extended family. The destruction of the “Jerusalem of the Balkans” is one of the least-known tragedies of the Holocaust, yet in my family thousands of years of Jewish Greek heritage live on.

To my knowledge there were only three male survivors with my last name (including my grandfather), one of which he lost track of after the war.

When my father emigrated to the United States from Israel in the 1970’s he had never written our last name in English letters…so instead of spelling it with a a C, he spelled it with a K. Somewhere along the way the U of Kapuano became an O. But we are Capuanos through and through – both my grandfather and his brother spelled our name the way Italians do.

So if you’re reading this and you’re Jewish and your last name is Kapoano, Capuano, Kapuano or Capoano – there’s a VERY good chance that you’re my long lost cousin! Especially if you’re also Greek…

I would be happy to host anyone a page and email on here for anyone that shares my last name, for free. Just let me know and I’ll take care of it.

I would like nothing more than to reconnect with so many Kapoanos/Capuanos that I have to pay for more hosting. Maybe someday our family will be back.

But until then…

This is kapoano.com and it is the home of Liran Kapoano…